Robotta is UTAU that belongs to Arisa and has no voice bank yet


Robotta (ロボットタ) closely translates into Robotta and kushu (歌手) means singer along with ne (音) which means sound. so Robotta's name closely means "Sound of a robot singer."


Robotta wears a white full body suit with with gray at the sides of her torso are and her arms and legs are a dark teal, just under the neck is a upside down gray triangle with a circle with the green playstation △ on it. Robotta wears elbow length white gloves and knee length high heeled boots. There are playstation symbols O and ☐ on each side of the gray spots on the torso and the X symbol on the spot where belly button would be.


Robotta is generally a kind person, however she is very ignorant. She is typically not understanding the human emotions, as her A.I. is for things like advanced science and math, and well things you would study in school.


  • Due to being a robot, she cannot go into water.
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